Behind the Scenes at Scott

Meet the devoted collective who are continuously working to improve the way we live, learn, and earn in Scott County. We know that the road isn’t always smooth, yet we are determined to find ways to make things work for everyone. It’s who we are, and why we’re here.


Scott Spotlight

We feature people, places, and things that make Scott stand out, whether it’s the best barista who always gets your coffee order just right, a little-known hiking trail with scenic views, or the best menu item at your favorite diner. In other words, don’t let our hidden gems be hidden! Share your best Scott secrets with the community. Make an intro or drop us a line to nominate your favorite Scott things with us.


Let's Talk

Focus groups informed us that there is a lack of community resources, and employers mentioned that they wish we had more ways to connect jobs to people. We’ve designed a unique place that plays upon private and public partnerships and best practices from other communities and we’re always looking for people and businesses to help accelerate our efforts (hey, that’s you!). If you’d like to find out how to sponsor Great Scott, drop us a line.

What's Happening

We collaborated with the Chambers of Commerce in Shakopee and Prior Lake, Scott County, and also the county library resources to pull together a master calendar of events all around Scott. Bookmark it to check-in and never miss a thing! Got something cool to do or see? Submit your events for us to post, too.


Stay in Touch, OK?

From time to time, we send out community updates, job alerts, volunteer opportunities, and lots of other helpful Scott info. No spam, just lots of ideas about things to do and people to meet. Drop-in your email address, and we’ll add your name to the list.