Scott Spotlight

Unveiling Scott’s treasures! We shine a spotlight on the extraordinary individuals, captivating destinations, and delightful discoveries that make Scott County stand out. From the barista who crafts your perfect cup of joe to breathtaking hiking trails and delicious menus at beloved diners, we’re here to reveal it all. Nominate your best-kept Scott County treasure and let’s celebrate the essence of our vibrant community together.



Derek Pederson

I love being a connector and helping people find employers, job leads, and other resources in the community. Read more. 

Nick Slavik

I have found that many of the techniques used in historical structures and furniture finishing translate quite easily to many of the most common, modern applications. Read more. 

Wild Ruffle

Cate and Tammy, the owners of Wild Ruffle in downtown Prior Lake, are all about fun fashion and products with a purpose. Read More


From coasters to kid’s rides, Valleyfair is proof that Scott knows how to party. May we suggest the ever-scary and totally fun Tricks & Treats, their yearly Halloween event? Read More