Live Events & Community Updates

Scott County’s 10-year growth showcases the strength of big ideas and close-knit neighbors. Generational farmers and new homeowners seeking a change find harmony in our small-town charm. Energized by a thriving economy, entrepreneurial spirit, and key employers like St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Amazon, CHS, and Valleyfair, our community is thriving. Join us in shaping the future as we celebrate unity and progress in Scott County.

All the Activities

Small-Town Magic Meets Big-City Excitement! Enjoy beautiful grasslands and hiking trails or create cherished memories fishing with your little ones on Prior Lake. Unleash your inner thrill-seeker at Valleyfair and Canterbury Park. Indulge your tastebuds at Jordan Supper Club or one of our other fantastic restaurants. Check out Mystic Lake’s top-tier concerts or try your hand with Lady Luck. Find the time to experience it all!



What's Happening

We team up with Chambers of Commerce, libraries, organizations, faith communities, and employers to create an epic master calendar of events that you can’t find anywhere else. From concerts to festivals to school plays and farmer’s markets, it’s all there. Bookmark our calendar and stay in the loop! If you’re planning an event, let us know! Submit and we’ll help spread the buzz. In Scott County, we like to have fun!




In the past decade, our neighborhoods have flourished, creating a tapestry of unity, celebration, and collaboration that we proudly call home. Savor the sense of belonging as we come together to create a cherished and welcoming community. Discover a curated selection of our finest amenities and embrace all that is Scott County!




Looking to make a positive impact on your community? Look no further than the Scott County Volunteer Program! It’s not just about giving back; it’s about making our home an even better place to live. Whether you want to get involved in local events or need assistance finding the perfect team for your own gathering, they’ve got you covered. Discover more about this incredible resource and unlock the possibilities below.