The good folks at DEED (Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development) gave us the go-ahead to connect directly to their jobs engine.

It’s complex, but essentially, they pull jobs from two places: Directly out of MN Works and a third-party job aggregator. 

Great Scott pulls a fresh feed from DEED’s job engine every night. 

More than likely, the position is filled. 


The position is likely closed, and the back-end systems haven’t ironed it out quite yet. If you know the position is still open, you should contact the organization that posted the job for more details. 


There may be a few reasons. First, did you post your job online? Where? If you’ve posted it with any of the entities that work directly with DEED’s jobs engine — primarily MN Works — and still not seen it, there could be a hiccup in the system. If you haven’t posted it with DEED, then the position will not likely pull into the job engine. 

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