Scott County

Sure, you could work in Scott. Or, catch this: You could work for Scott! Scott County values your unique talents, and you’re making a big difference for the people that live here. The opportunities for jobs, good quality of life, and a nice mix of urban and rural make us proud of our fast-growing county. Let’s work together!

Ask me anything (about Scott County jobs!)

Folks from Careerforce and county staff are here to answer the burning questions, like “how’s the coffee in the office” or “what’s it really like to have a job for Scott County”. 

Get help with your resume

Send over your resume, and we’ll talk through some tips and tricks with you over our virtual hangout. This is 1:1 time with someone from Career Force.

Veteran job support

Curious about how your skills from service translate to civilian jobs? Heather’s a great resource for you! A veteran herself, she’s here to talk through your experience and brainstorm ideas for your next step.