FISH: A Network

Fish means more in Scott County, though. Families and Individuals Sharing Hope (FISH) is a group of representatives of the faith community, local government and education entities, nonprofits, and businesses that rally together to answer needs throughout our community. 

Through their network, partners review the needs of individuals and families and make a match that helps answer the posted need. Registered partners may post needs, too. It’s one big family of generosity, especially as all of this is free to the partner organizations. 

School supplies, workboots, dental services, help with a bill; all of these are the most common needs that are posted. It’s seemingly small, a late bill, or having to purchase supplies and such, but it makes a big difference. When you’re experiencing poverty, a missed payment quickly transforms itself into a full-blown crisis. It’s what we love about FISH; they are all about spreading the love so we all live a little better. 

You’ve read this far, so it’s time you make a move! Here’s what we suggest.

  • Think about becoming a partner with FISH. Partners are able to help with the tally of everyday needs and is a great way for your organization to boost its community engagement.  
  • Volunteer your background and skills on the Marketing, Executive, Outreach and Partner Relations, or Second Thursday committees. This helps FISH connect to new people, and let’s face it, we all have skills to contribute!
  • If you’re not quite sure yet, toss ’em a follow on Facebook and Twitter. Watch for their updates and see what they do, the people they help, and how they make an impact. Share with your network of friends and help them spread the word.

Start a convo with them by sending a note through their contact form located here. Tell ’em Scott sent you.

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