Let’s Go Fishing

The local chapter of Let’s Go Fishing is all about it, too. They are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals through fishing and boating excursions, and Scott’s sure glad we have them all hands on deck as a part of our community. Participants can sit back and relax with some vitamin D, or swing a pole into the water and see what they catch.

As a nonprofit, they are completely funded through donations and the work is done by a fabulous crew of volunteers. Located on the south shore of Cedar Lake near New Prague, it’s a great location for a picnic before you embark on your journey (pro tip: Snag the tacos from El Tequila before your on-the-water-adventure).

Scott’s reco? Become a Firstmate! A grand way to learn the ropes, you’ll help the Captain with setting up the pontoon or boat, greet and assist the guests to and from, and help with fishing. This is a great way to help veterans, seniors, or handicapped people have a completely rich and fulfilling day on the water, and you’ll get a lot out of it as well. They want folks with a big sense of humor, so funny people to the front of the line because they love the scuttlebutt.

For more information, drop them a line (see what we did there?). And if you’re worth your salt, volunteer for them, too!

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