Scott County CDA Boosts Early Learning Center

In the heart of Savage, Minnesota, nestled amidst the serene beauty near Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, lies a remarkable place dedicated to the growth and development of young children. Wildflower Early Learning Center, owned by Josh and Carrie Linde, is nationally recognized as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom by Nature Explore, a division of non-profit Dimensions Educational Research Foundation. Let’s explore the story behind this extraordinary learning center and its journey with the Scott County CDA’s Business Advisors and the Scott County Business Loan Program.


Wildflower Early Learning Center stands out for its commitment to immersing children in nature’s wonders. Situated on a sprawling 8-acre site encompassing forests, wetlands, and grassy habitats, the center offers an exceptional learning environment. The natural surroundings provide countless opportunities for exploration, imagination, and hands-on learning experiences for children aged 3 to 5 years.

At Wildflower Early Learning Center, the emphasis is on play-based development and emergent curriculum. The ten staff members passionately foster a love for learning, nurturing each child’s unique interests and abilities. By engaging children in play, they promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, ensuring a well-rounded educational foundation.

Josh and Carrie Linde credit the Scott County CDA’s Business Advisors for their invaluable assistance before and after the center’s opening in January 2019. The Business Advisors, funded through the Scott County CDA, provided guidance on financial projections, analysis, and personalized one-on-one advisory services. Their expertise helped lay a strong foundation for the center’s success and growth.

In their continued collaboration with the Business Advisory services, Josh and Carrie discovered the Scott County CDA Business Loan Program. Launched in 2023, this program aims to bridge the financing gap for Scott County businesses, complementing traditional lending options. The loan can be utilized for various purposes, including but not limited to land or building acquisition and machinery and equipment. Josh Linde expresses his appreciation for Business Advisor Lee Hall, stating, “He is very knowledgeable, responsive, provided a variety of funding options and helped remove barriers to entry.”

Wildflower Early Learning Center availed the Scott County CDA Loan to acquire the land where it now stands proudly. This funding has empowered the center to continue expanding its services and invest in additional professional development opportunities for their dedicated staff. The loan program has proven instrumental in the center’s growth, supporting its vision of providing an exceptional early education experience.

Josh and Carrie Linde encourage fellow entrepreneurs to leverage the invaluable support offered by Next Stage’s free business advisory services. With their knowledge and expertise, the advisors can offer solutions tailored to individual business needs, such as the Scott County CDA’s Small Business Loan Program. They believe that by embracing these resources, businesses can overcome challenges and unlock their true potential.

As Wildflower Early Learning Center continues its journey, there is much to anticipate. The Big Red Barnpromises exciting new ventures and opportunities for both children and the community. Stay tuned for updates as Wildflower Early Learning Center continues to nurture young minds and cultivate a love for learning.

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